Sunday School Lesson:


Trusting Faith


This is the original download I received prior to Sunday's session. The words matter less than the energy that is behind these lessons. Channeled wisdom is a full dimensional experience. I suggest reading these downloads like poetry or looking at fine art. Take it in on any level that matters.

Trusting Faith

One step at a time

Love requires faith.  It requires an understanding of faith.  It requires blind trust in the moment -even if it doesn’t feel good. It requires a religion of hope. A side car of anticipation of what’s next. We can google our way into the future - trying to figure out what’s next. Make a spreadsheet of possibilities. Aiming for gods perfection.  Missing by a mile because we forgot to trust.  Forgot that steps are given one at a time.  To keep us from getting aheads of ourselves. To keep us in the now.  Too much planning, to much guessing about what the future holds.  We can’t game our way out of pain or suffering. We can’t plan our way around a flood.  We have to play by the rules set by all.  WE have to imagine play within our day.  No matter our age, no matter our time, we create these ideas, within this free time.  Play becomes prominent in trust.  It becomes life itself.  It plays with time and space, it plays with thy own self. It plays into the night, burning the midnight oil.  Riding into possibilities.  WE cannot see what we cannot trust.  Trust benigns us.  Called upon the tribe of hope.  We find ourselves often alone.  Trusting that this moment will be called upon us, and we will react in time.  Reaching for hope in the bucket of shame. We see their eyes beaming back upon us. Shining examples of powerful hope.  

Trusting Faith isn’t something we find ourselves often talking about.  It’s something of an old tradition.  Something we hear about in books and literature, but little outside the church.  For those in the know - trust and faith are instrumental for hope.  We must believe in something beyond the now. Must know we have time for change. For the possibility of something new arriving. Inspiration.

Laughter can help us here.  A sense of humor about knowing, and applying what we know.  Second guessing, over thinking, wanting to know the future will be forever a problem to be solved as humans.  No thinking helps, being in the moment, listening, accepting, and letting go of fear.  

Forever noted is the test to of time. Noteworthy.  Timelessness helps us understand there is no rush here.  Righteousness can be left at the door with perfection.  Since it’s uncontested in heaven.  We aren’t capable of forgetting, nor remembering, only being right here.  It is within this structure of trust and hope that we find clarity.  Thought becomes sacrifice for the now.  Righteousness becomes the burial grounds.  Wrongness a facade. Rightness a badge of desire, with no hope.  We are only human after all. We cannot take any of it with us - but love.  All of this for love. Always. That is the message.  It is all that matters - all that has ever mattered. All that is. All that’s well. All that’s is alive at this time.  A time of hope. A time of possibility.  A time to stand still.   


Post live stream notes

What I think is interesting as a medicine woman is that I don't get to read a lot of materials, watch a lot of content, take classes, or hang out with anyone I please. I have to live a cautious life, where I get told what is safe for me to do and who I am allowed to work with. I also don't get to watch myself work - except for when I re-watch these Sunday school lessons. Protecting me and seeing what is evident to others, and what simply isn't, is utterly fascinating. I found myself embarrassed and avoiding watching this month's lesson because the work that came up was so very personal. Giving the lesson room to breathe gave me an appreciation for the job and the insight into what is mortifying for one person is no big deal for another. The lessons and the energy, wisdom, and understanding still come through. I also got to see how faith and trust and their challenges personally showed up for me this month. I wrote about it in my blog. The attachments I had formed coming in fast and dissolved just as quickly. I also got to see how the healing in the lesson allowed me to be more freed up.

Watch Faith & Trust Sunday School Lesson Here! 

Here are some cheat sheets from the video....

6:14- Faith in Trust- this is where I begin the downloaded reading.

8:43 The Energy work begins here...

11:52- The feminine, listening in, seeing a safe (click click) how we listen....

18:48- Why is it so hard?

20:46- The Thinker - how we try and think our way around healing

31:11- Trust doesn't weigh anything

35:16- Trusting in love

43:30- This is where the session gets intense- my father comes in..

1:23- There is a relief from love

1:38- Letting my body relax, allowing everything out (coming down from healing)

1:44- From this space of total relaxation we an address this stomach pain (healing a physcial pain)

1:52- Sitting up now - still in it- the heart work...