Sunday School Lesson:



This is the original download I received prior to Sunday's session. The words matter less than the energy that is behind these lessons. Channeled wisdom is a full dimensional experience. I suggest reading these downloads like poetry or looking at fine art. Take it in on any level that matters.


How does healing work?  It can be a bit overwhelming huh -to think about all the ways it can be. How do we wrap our heads or our hearts around it. Healing by it’s nature, is elusive. The very nature is both inspiring, awe provoking and impossible to understand. How dare we try and break it down here or anywhere. 

We can’t but there are some principles that are universal that we can share.  Not the details that Cass has up her sleeve - which are both personal and ever-changing.  But bigger picture than that.  

First off, we should start always start in love. With ourselves first, then the universe, then the moment, and with whoever is around and in front of us. We start there always. This in itself can take time. Just like getting into full presence takes time.  We need patience like it’s an art.  The art of patience will pay itself off in spades in your life, and in the lives around you. Always. 

Non-linear is the thing that makes life art life, and healing possible. It creates pathways that are new, that we can follow to new ways of healing, and innovating in moment’s notice. This jump from the scientific method to a whole new approach is a big leap for mankind. Like walking on the moon - it takes a paradigm change in the ways we approach problems to solve them. We can’t imagine them yet, because they aren’t here yet.  Yet, they are on their way.  

Trust is what brings us to their arrival. Trust in the moment, trust in the next moment, trust that there will be the next moment.  Allowing this space to exist without an answer yet - takes the art of patience. 

WE as in more than one is necessary often to bring these new innovations into fruition. Where can we collaborate.  Where are there more than one of us who believes - in miracles. That trust, that knowing, that we are being lead into greater healing is the miracle of all miracles.  Faith being our favorite name. 

Relax, and wait, and expect that time and patience will heed success. That is key - always. It equals = FAITH.

Heartforward vs thinking forward. No thinking gets you there faster - most of the time.  Humbling us into realizing we can’t outsmart this universe.  We don’t have an all-knowing “mind.”  We are merely mice in the maze together figuring our way through.  With windows of opportunity, to shine, amaze, and maybe even get praise.  But then back to work.  

Hardnosed bridges and roads aren’t made from toads or sprockets of mud and grease. Buckets of knowing, kings, and all kinds of money that don’t grow on trees- are found in all the wrong places.  Up sleeves, down pants, around the fancy fence of opportunity and disguise.  Hard nosed and keystones are found in all kinds of libraries. Beautiful stones and beautiful bones create are in the walls of life.  Rocks in the road are merely little stones until they are turned into art. Paint. Colors upon us, within us, around us.  We write and we paint and we color. All the ways we are here, and there, in between the alleys of life. Rich fabrics are weaved into stones. Life is but a throw away from death.  We are only here for the briefest of moments. Let our hearts not be afraid of this life and it’s magic moments.  Let us be happy to heal, to love, to honor this place and time.  Let us be here together for once and for all. We love this planet. 


Post Live Stream Notes

WOW this lesson was amazing! This particular lesson is a must-listen. It is one of the most articulate Sunday school lessons.

It gets going at 17:00 minutes, and you can stop the video around 1:18, so it's about an hour of golden goodies.

Three big things we dive into Heart & Art. Jesus & Dr. Dre. Answers to how we know we are on the path. And a deep dive into purpose. 

17:24 Heart & Why it matters. Heart art. Being led by inspiration, we get to where we want to be faster. When we are led by inspiration - we are led by our hearts.

22:00- 29:00 How can we know that we are on the path? Incorporate healing into your life. You will be on the path. Healing has a way of justice within our hearts and society. When we heal ourselves, we allow others to heal. When we take this path, the friction subsides.

29:27- 34:00 Jesus & Dr. Dre- this is just classic. Stay humble, drop the ego, the control- the looking good. Let Jesus show up in style in your life - let him take over. Things will be ok.

58:12- 1:18 The deep dive into PURPOSE-and how to find it. It's huge. I would watch this from.

Watch Healing


Cheat sheets from the Video...



What is heart and art why does it matter?

Heart art

When we are led by inspiration - we are led by our hearts.

We arrive where are supposed to arrive more quickly.

We all know that somewhere - and we get a little caught - and get unsure.

That is understandable.

But its important that we start leading that way

Like a child it helps others to open their hearts



How can we know that we are on the right path?

Cass -how can I know that I am on the right path -its easy for you but how do I know?

Good question.

Incorporate healing into your life

You will be on the right path.

Healing has a way of justice - within our hearts

And society

When we heal ourselves

We allow others to heal

We all space for others to be

We can open our hearts in a just way

26:00 (me + healing)

I am assuming they are meaning (cass)

We all that needs healing to take center stage

We will be on successful mission

When we take this path

The friction subsides

The flow returns

We are not supposed to be seamless experiences

It is about feeling our missions of success and healing our wounds

The blocks

We didn’t come here because we had our shit together

We came to work our shit out

When we accept that as our mission

Then we are on the path.

Here is something I can tell you about my life

When I stop to heal something within me - my own patterns

And the currents that are working

I know in my heart matters - there is always a bounce

Other decisions are easier. Turning

Into something I don’t want to do

Caught in that eddy - what to do

Doing the harder thing  is the better advice



Your current humble state

Is christ consciousness arriving in this ship

Limo style - sipping on gin & juice

If he was hanging with Dr. Dre

Jesus -rolling in with this vibe

He can arrive and he can juice his up

We let go of our egos

Needing attention

We let go of that

The light of christ can come in

His ego can bounce

We just let this dude lead

You can relax into that

Its not about - have found his energy in the past

Its something to understand

As we walk our path

As we move into a more conscious state

Their is this sort of give and Take in it

Giving over of the ego

Letting go of how it looks

In return we get a groovy partner

He has got swagger

This is unique


34:19 (healing)

Curiosity strikes us in different ways

What makes us curious about others

Or about things

Its entirely worth living life just to be curious

Lindy dance and blues

Blues curious

Curious has come into the vernacular -

Baseline curious George

Dogs smelling things

Is rather joyful, its fun, its eye opening

Following something instinctual

Pretty interesting drive

Curiosity is our cat

Using that as our bait

To walk into what is next here


58:12 (healing/purpose)

Lets talk about purpose

A purposeful mission

A contrast a characterization of the limelight and the highlights

Purpose hides behind mirrors

Its down the hallway

Often in the darkness

In that dark hallways closet at t he end that we rarely visit

When we walk down that long hallway

I stand at the door and pause

Knowing full well when we go in there

Everything will change

That we will be seen

We will be seen for what we are - and what we aren’t

That undoing the fabrication

The frame changes

We can’t accept the truth without consequences

Overwhelm the truth.

1:05 as we get quiet

As purpose arrives

It carries with its angels its wings

Its get planted within us

Its full of hope

And gifted by its angels

Like we are planted a seedling

We need all the hope and the support

And the magic

To bring it to fruition

Purpose has its own vulnerabilities

Its not always powerful

Like an idea can start small

And it needs time to grow

We need time for it be without expectation

Its doesn’t need to line up like a military experience

It can just be with us

And build and grow

Its soft

I don’t see any hard edges here at all

Its not some rocket ship

Its not righteous

Its not written in a big font

It has value over time

Like an investment

It can add and take away address it

Over time

Purpose needs pain

So promote it

Purpose needs pain to promote it

To a higher consciousness

One that expands to the universes

To the record books

Pain will drive us into purpose

Faster than anything else

Welcome in the pain

Welcome in the purpose

Its a derivative of consciousness

Delivered in a package of hope.

We cannot forget our faith in the larger purpose

Of oneness



The holy gods

And the universes

We deliver kindness and love

We wrap ourselves in enlightenment

And hope and joy.

We know not what we do

We know truth

We know joy

We know love

We know kindness


We are caricatures

Sketches of tulips


Painted with multiple colors

Layered with multiple colors

One color is multiple Colores

We can see within this tulip

Our purpose mixed with others

We stand out only when we all work together

Only when are we all one

Its only for a moment that we glimmer

We can see all the colors in the universe

There is no one way

We are all in this together


We want a Rocket ship of awareness

We want a straight path

And yet we are intermingled -entangled in a universal dance

It doesn’t allow anything but

We cannot allow anything but what is here to be a full purpose

Allow joy

Allow each other

A lot of mission & values

We are on point.

Without each other

There is a magic

In a ballerina

Finding point

Lifting up

Lifting to the gods

Like they are flying

On pointe


All of their energy intermingled with all the other energy

The power and the grace

And the purpose

The entitlement

And beauty

And bastion

Its an awareness

A hope




That we are all great

There is greatness in all of us

We all have a moment to shine.

That top spinning

Faster and faster

Seems to stand in one spot.

Spinning and spinning

Until there is oneness.

Until we create a onesess with the universe

We are just one.

And that is a lonely place to be