Rock climbing a steep face.

Cass is entertaining, insightful, and inspiring.

Inspiration is elusive, subjective, and personal. It can strike us like lightning or sneak up on us. Like art, it is hard to define and can be a slippery slope to find or determine. Yet, inspiration is as vital as food, and we donʼt often take the time or know how to include it in our daily lives.
A passionate speaker and educator, Cass builds her life on inspiration. Her work is about digging in, pushing past barriers, and finding the silver lining in life.


In the 60s, my parent's generation used to talk about going to see a musician perform as having something to say.

It's essential, if you are holding the mic, that indeed what you say is relatable, and has power & meaning. I don't like going on stage unless I too have something to say.

"I find inspiration in people when they are living their truth. Or when I learn or hear something breathtaking, profound, unique or heartbreaking."

Inspirational Speaker

Cass is an inspirational speaker. She has a background in stand-up comedy, theater, and film. If your organization needs inspiration or wants something unique, Cass can entertain, uplift, and empower your people.

"I have spent my life being a seeker and following the road less traveled. I am here to share my experiences, uplift and inspire others to do the same."

Speaking Topics include

Universal Intelligence, Power of Presence, Energetic Improv, Wisdom Officer.


Healing Arts

Cass has created lecture series' and workshops around the healing arts. She introduces Energetic Improv and Universal Intelligence and how to tap into transformative healing. Cass teaches us how to recognize personal insight and shifts us towards knowing from within. She is passionate about assisting others in finding, hearing, and following their guidance. Cass is available for lectures and workshops.

"My parents were both leaders in education. So, teaching is in my blood."

Lecture & Workshop Topics

Energetic Improv, Universal Intelligence, Gifts Expansion.

Discovery Session

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