Cass Redstone, professional wisdom consultant.


Cass is from a family of inventors, intellectuals, and change-makers. She spent twenty-five years as an entrepreneur, pioneer, and change-maker. Cass brings a business savvy and keen sense to help guide, enlighten & transform organizations. Her insights help groups stay connected to themselves, their pathways, and their next steps.

"As a Wisdom Officer, Cass's insight can help save time, headaches, and valuable resources."

Cass lights up an organizations inner wisdom. Through the power of presence, flow, and conscious creation, Cass's trademarked approach impacts the bottom line & big picture. She transforms workplace dynamics, finds new pathways, sustainable solutions, and planetary alignment. Cass helps to create more sustainable, restorative, and profitable ventures.

Consulting can help with...

  • Innovation
  • Healing
  • Decision Making
  • Attunement
  • Burnout & Turnover
  • New Pathways
  • Integrated Solutions
  • Revitalized Values
Cass brings a clarity and unique way of seeing that revitalized our team.
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