Cass Redstone in nature near hot springs.

A talented visionary and counsel for a new era

Rooted in an inventive legacy—her grandfather pioneered latex paint—Cass became a savvy entrepreneur and gender bias trailblazer. For over twenty-five years, her radical, inclusive, and imaginative ideas have been the driving force behind transformative change.

A descendant of Siberian Shamans, Cass is a spiritual guide and inspirational speaker today. Her touch heals both individuals and groups, while her leadership elevates organizations toward enlightenment in this new era. As a spiritual counselor, Cass guides, defines, and uplifts souls along their destined paths. A visionary, thought leader, and captivating speaker, she effortlessly entrances audiences. Cass is a transformative force, harmonizing organizations with profound wisdom.  Her journey continues to inspire, lighting the way for a future where innovation and compassion intertwine seamlessly.

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A unique adventurer

When not working, you will find Cass adventuring. Via her passport, sprinter van, or bicycle. You can find her at the local crag, near a river, fly fishing, or summiting a mountain. Cass does stand-up comedy, partner blues dance, and loves to play with four-legged friends.

Interesting facts:

  • Cass has photographed the POTUS twice.
  • Walked 500 miles across Spain.
  • Performed stand-up comedy in Berlin.
  • Summited Cotopaxi, 20,000 feet, in Ecuador.

Her favorite countries she traveled to: Syria, Cuba, and Cambodia.

Next on her adventure list is climbing in Spain and learning to sail big boats!

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