Sunday School Lesson:



This is the original download I received prior to Sunday's session. The words matter less than the energy that is behind these lessons. Channeled wisdom is a full dimensional experience. I suggest reading these downloads like poetry or looking at fine art. Take it in on any level that matters.


The BIG PICTURE is real. Vision across multi-dimensions is ideal.  Having the wingspan to accommodate all that entails is the power of big picture when we can expand our head. Open the crown chakra -wide brimmed with ideas- stretching it further than it could be possibly stretched.  EEEking out a bit more - before we pass out.  Attempting to embolden our awareness acroSs continents. 

Start small, then go big- back and forth again and again.  Keeping awareness high and stretched while being completely here. High up we go, higher still we fly.  Mountains of mesas high up in the skies. Bluest blue, whitest white clouds, night skies of black and white lighting up our eyes. Rich and alive -feeling all our senses - we come back around again -to imagine our lives without it. Ride high, ride hard, ride wide with abandonement.  Rallying ourselves higher to our hearts content.  We arrive at a time - an interval of new. Quietly arriving in the back pew. 

Trust oh trust oh trust in thee.  Wickedly finding our way to the tee. Battered and bruised, withered and wired, finding it hard to retire.  Backsteps are already full of shoes. Too many people crammed into these pews. Lined up by the masses in order to greet God. I line up myself - feeling like many here- just tired. 

Ascension they say is just around the corner. Ascension they say is in our time, within this corner.  Roughcut it is. Purposeful times united in vast open times.  WAys of the future right in our faces. Courage they say, is found but not held.  IT is something we reach for - like a glass out of reach.  WE move forward to see - all that there is to offer. We move along now, down the waterfront, in front of the single pane. Panels are wider here, dogs barking in the distance, channels flipping, completely bored–where are they now- we have been waiting for hours.  Crumbling with fatigue we breathe laboriously. Trying in vain to see thee. Curiously waiting, in the filled in vacuum. Hoping for a breathe of something new- something we can hold onto.  Inspiration lacking, we stand once again. Walk slowly out of the pew, down the aisle, out into the sunlight day.  Warm weather around the corner, you can smell spring now.  She’s in the violets and purples - the subtle flower scents.  Green green grasses that will be once more. Puppy tales and children’s smiles are keys within the human heart. One more day. One more way. We struggle to keep going. Why is it so hard - to hold faith in the big picture? To hold a vision worth keeping in the ever changing landscape? 

Speak to my heart. Make her smile please today.  Speak to my soul. She’s laboriously awake.  Stirring with desire for something that makes sense.  Some sort of drama that ends in good sense.  

Gas prices, inflation, Russians, politics, people are so confused.  Why bother even trying when all seems lost in this big rouse. I find this piece hard to write - feels so depressing.  Why bother? 

Because we care. We care about the garden. We care about the flowers. We care about the bees, and the trees and even the cars and those little people behind them. Their lost little lives, imagining it could be better.  WE care because we have purpose, and meaning, and heart.  We care because it matters - whether we are alive or are dead. We care. That’s final.  No argument there.  WE care all too much - and that is why it our heart breaks - because it’s not fair. 

Imagine fear being swallowed up by love. The vast waves of love overwhelming the universe with hope and kindness and possibility.  Imagine we ALL care so much that it outweighs despair.


Post Live Stream Notes

This was a strange watch for me. I felt simultaneously distance and similar watching it. I reviewed this the day before the New Moon here in May - and felt as tired, detached and ambiguous as I did the day before the New Moon in April when this was recorded. With the New Moon Eclipse the following day it makes sense for the woozy energy.



Cheat sheets from the Video...


I am hearing that there isn’t one source of inspiration. But there are many. Gaining access to Universal Intelligence allows us to hightail the hot spots - brining in all those sources ,flight patterns that we can. Pull back into our bodies for help.


There is a quiet misconception of the world. In the sun water like experience of, embodiment of being buoyed, like a flotation space, how that can feel uncomfortable. The beingness. Recognizing your own place.


What is consciousness. But an option not a command. Care bring kindness and awareness to others. To yourself. That you two count. That your feelings, your opinions, your take matters. We can care for ourselves and others in this might world. We can hold each others hands and a space can occurs.