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Micro Moon Cycle Tracking

I put together a calendar with time blocks around the different parts of the moon cycle with 5-7 day blocks of expectations. I broke them down into six sub-sections.
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Stakeholder Capitalism +

"A Wisdom Officer is not a foreign concept. They have been in every culture in the world, dating back over 35,000 years. Only in the last few hundred years have we cut them out."
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Conscious Creativity

It's a different way of looking at the world—matching vibrations vs deadlines. This non-linear approach is well-matched for Conscious Creativity. We can have an all-access pass, but certain rides are more open on specific days & times without the wait. 
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"MAPS: Mistreatment for a nation's unease." As California stands on the brink of legalizing Psilocybin w/o judgment, I question the sanity of this decision.
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Buddhism is Boring

"Trying to experience spirituality through the lens of the mind is like trying to experience sex through an Excel spreadsheet."
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Universal Intelligence (tm)

Universal Intelligence is not a figment of the imagination, the result of some human longing for a universal force more significant than ourselves.
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