Sunday School Lesson:



This is the original download I received prior to Sunday's session. The words matter less than the energy that is behind these lessons. Channeled wisdom is a full dimensional experience. I suggest reading these downloads like poetry or looking at fine art. Take it in on any level that matters.


What are tools? Good question.  Tools are the necessary parts of the whole picture that break apart the glass walls. They take the picture and naturally reshape it into something we didn't expect. They are important, necessary, processes and problems that we encounter unexpectedly.  

Tools aren’t something you find in the shed. They are ornamental in nature. They are withdrawn from the norm, and are found out about -or discovered in rich tapestries. We are here to show you the meaning of tools is rather different- undefined and playful compared to the old way of seeing. Tools require patience and terms of multitudes.  

We require trust here to understand this new concept.  Requires. Why does this keep showing up in the text? Requirements are the bare minimum to get the job done. Not rocket science, but also not skippable parts. Why bother teaching tools? Because they matter. 

Tools of the trade include: monastery, prejudice, knives, hearts, people, pineapple, parties, and trade. WE require these tools to slice the apple into different parts in order to see the whole differently.  

Tiny slices are required to see into the prism’s of time. Timeless operations creating change unimaginable before today. Parts of each other mixed in there. Soup. Mashed together into a new paste. Lay the cake burnt into heaven. Sliced into perfect glass sphere’s. Hardwired for something different than our original taboo tiers. Snoopy liked the show. He showed up in his usual ways. Laid back dog on his back, staring up at the stars.  Prepared to his work in unusual ways. 

We wonk around in this new universe - bumping into old patterns.  Bruising our old hearts once again, against brushfires of old times. Creating patterns of light spinning everywhere like watching a crystal catch the light.  Rainbows of new ideas come spraying in.  Flashing past midnight. Rockets of forgiveness flowing through the nighttime airstreams.  Flying by the seat of their pants. Expanding upon possibilities, blown away by the sand. 

New pants -too tight. Screw loose. Backed up into night.  Finding ourselves in the darkness of hope- with a single flashlight. WE hope and we pray that the light shall return.  To show us the way out - of the deepest cave.  

Right on, so forth -firing up the night sky.  Roger and me here. Partners again in crime. Roger and me- inside watching the TV. Boobing out - to some old shows. Catching up on new ideas here - re-enacted in the old. Tools here - redefined tonight.  Redefining our souls.  Hardwired & Prepared. We caught the wave of your hearts. Hearts exploding from expansion, souls caught in the crag.  The girls are all excited here - waiting for the big stars to arrive. 

Roger me. Roger you. Roger over and out. Peek for me in the wilderness, or over the next horizon line. Find me there. Waiting for you.  Holding all the tools of existence. Hardwired and re-wired for a new existence. 


Post Live Stream Notes

This lesson is interesting: navigating the current world with love, hope, and Faith, and the tools we need to do that today. A lot of the lesson is about downloading these tools. The ethereal nature of these tools. We are looking at how to remain curious during these times of crisis. How can you be a revolutionary in kindness, love, curiosity, and joy? These tools are from our hearts and are different from those in a typical tool box. The healing needed is to dig in for these tools. The massive transformation is happening within ourselves, each other, and the planet—the honor of being here during this reckoning—the essential power of developing our Faith.



Cheat sheets from the Video...

4:17- We can interpret this channel in many ways. They are not typical. These channels will help souls to reconnect with I like to call Universal Intelligence. Off the of the map. Of culture and society as a whole. Diagnosis..

The map off of the map. Live our lives here pragmatically - we need an  of what we are doing and why. Without this alternative understanding this bigger meaning - we are not necessary going where we need to go. As a whole and individually. We tap back into these energies. These little hot spots- Cass is one - that is where we can pick up the clues. Dropped into the earth in all these ways - for all these -many signals. For need the hope and the faith. That we have a mission. ITs a very important mission - especially when w are paying attention. Good

7:40- How do we remain curious? Misinterpretation - crossfire and general unease. How do we remain curious for life’s possibilities, in roads, new ideas, solutions outside of the box. I am seeing this puppy - frolicking through life- just curious about everything. How do we have that innocence, while still having the presence of today. I see the presence of today overtaking this dog - it’s just too much. There is too much negativity and hardship - it’s overwhelming our sense of innocence - that is where the tools come in here. We need some tools to navigate  these times that are different. I am moving my body -crazy 8 - something that needs to be smoothed out. (Energy coming in)

*10:36 I am hearing - As we counteract violence with non-violence- peace w/o peace, prosperity an and fairness in the face of evil - we are in revolutionary times. These are revolutionary acts -peace prosperity, joy, innocence curiosity love, kindness, fairness. All the things that let us know that we are walking in the right side. That our hearts and souls can bathe in. These will break the barriers- peace will prevail -as we hold steady.

12:24- I am hearing we can’t trade in - these tools -that can’t be marked up - or earmarked or torn apart- or trademarked. Tools to share -from our savior. Savior within - savior without. We share. These tools from our hearts. As I shared that - I feel my heart getting smaller - and the pain that we share here is so great. (Heart)

14:01 Tools of the trade - hold forthright in our hearts.  Gardners, Landscapers of the planet need these tools to navigate, build structures of reliance, to ground, be a part of the planet. Stay with her- be with her as she fights for the space. For this forthrightness to be on the planet in peace is our innate right. As it is with her- to be here - naturally. (ENERGY As I say this - I feel small and human. Here -I am hovered like a nun- praying for a different life - for love, for community - all the things we pray for as humans. Old ways close down.)

17:20 As we clear the pathways the blocks of old debris - we can open up - let out this old consciousness - the darkness that has ensued and collected in our consciousness here- the black tar - that holds no hope. Must subside.


*25:44  -To integrate these new energies.   Encircled and entrusted, by all that is - all that ever was -all around us - encircled by love. We can carry this torch of forgiveness, in and around and through ht the planet - spinning as a source of upheaval, that Is needed to keep out moving, keep it shedding, keep it interpreted into this new era. That we create a new vision here. One that all are prosperous. All are included as equal. The quality Is important here. We take into account Each singular, cellular movement as an intricate part of the whole. Creates a paradigm shift, within our really reality, within our universal matter, are in enlightenment. Planetary alignment. Soul retrieval by the masses ensued. On this planet in a new way. Of society, interconnected forever and forever. Each of us tiny network, integrating network, many neurons that reach -far so far - as these trees grow together and the roots intertwine. As all the environmental parts retrieve, we too can find new roots and new ways of seeing - searching for water and searching for light we find answers previously unseen. That is how survive. In this new era. One by one. Very good.

30:08 Heart contacts, Heart contacts, heart contacts with new bringing in energy - help building upon each others hearts as hope -new contacts as hope as ways- laughing dancing our way into the world. It’s as if we are all apart of the musical, and we are a part of the musical. Coming out my back - horse carriages- fun play of olden times- England - old ways prancing its ways into a new era. For a new kind of planet. We are down to earth again. Back to the planet - wetness of the planet. The reworking of green, water & light. We are back to earth. Grounded and humbled. Praying to light. Living the rebirth again.

36:33 (energy) Centipede - many legs infrared- coming out of my heart. Ouch.

38:09 - (energy - moving)  Navigate all this change - tree in hurricane -wrangled trying to hang onto the hillside. It’s pretty mangled. How to manage this change - w/o getting angry. Fight for - fight against - angry about the experience. We are not accepting that this is the journey that we are on - have that strength - all of this change is a lot -totally understandable but to deal.

We have no choice - in such a big way we need to stand up for selves. We are going back into our worst selves - how do we pull out of the sickness - like a smokers lung. How do we pull out of this w/o sickening ourselves. Smokers lung. Dying for change . There is a mass incarceration of ourselves. Inwards -wanting to rid ourselves - as if heaven is gonna be better than this -(Cass - that there is no other side - it is the same - you will be dealign with this on the other side - the escape isn’t really there - its really important t to understand. You are not going to get out of here unscathed. They won’t let you back in. It’s a very interesting time to be a human. Tumultuous and interesting times ever on earth. In our own lifetime there will be so much change - 10million years in 1 year. There is no bigger ride to be at. We have to step up to the plate. You can’t run from it. There is only running to it. I am ready for this - I need you, you need me, we need each other - there is nowerhe to run - not anymore. We might as well stay here and duke it out. Like a child having a tantrum -calms down.) Storm goes away - here we are again.  

44:46- How do we create this change that you are talking about? We do it by believing and having faith first. WE have to find a way to believe in something. Step 1 - Find our faith. No small matter. To find your faith. Such an important thing. The energy behind for yourself and for others. …..We don’t believe - finding that faith - that tool.  

47:53 -READING THE DOWNLOAD.: Tools are the necessary part of the  (read the above download)

54:16 That was weird. Energy - download - story with poetry. I was kind of hoping for some hard tools - like meditation.  What they are letting us know is that the Tools of today are undefined - not the usual tool box.  My heart is really tired - working really hard today.