Sunday School Lesson:



This is the original download I received prior to Sunday's session. The words matter less than the energy that is behind these lessons. Channeled wisdom is a full dimensional experience. I suggest reading these downloads like poetry or looking at fine art. Take it in on any level that matters.


The wisdom that we carry is in union with the self. It carriers with it an inherit wisdom inside it.  We cannot tell ourselves something different than what we already believe. WE carry these truths to be self evident. That all men are created equal.  That life on earth is a meritocracy.  That we will bring justice to all.  We tell ourselves little lies everyday - to get through.  When systems of oppression have been there all along.  Hidden in the drains and drywall of our lives.  We have this drip drip of truth that gets spoiled by these agenda’s that disallow the truth from sticking or staying around.  We find meaning in tearing it all apart - just to put it back together -more or less the same way.  Is there wisdom in that? Is there recourse? Is their possibility? Can we work within a cultural unit that is already - fucked. Can we unfuck ourselves? If so - how. 

Justice of the peace - Resides here. Resides here. Resides here.  

The justice of the peace resider here too.  

Finding ourselves in these little tiny holes.  Trying, oh trying to pull ourselves out.  Giving ourselves these little ways to look like we are trying and failing. Giving ourselves reasons to give up. 

That seems to be the agenda today. Finding fault or enemy or blame outside ourselves for the things going wrong. That is the general idea. WE can do it differently.  We can see it differently. We can believe differently. We are always choosing love or fear. 

Wisdom - what is it really? Is it love? Is it a deeper understanding? Is it insight? It’s clearly a matter of many things coming together in union. Concise information reveals a pattern, timing, commitment and owning of facts, flow of information, insight, and hand off. Warding off conflict is one of wisdom’s best effects. It sees beyond the immediate to the future.  It sees w/o blindness into possible default areas. We can feel like we are bumping around through life - reacting vs reviewing and then making a decision.  There is no rush.   

We cannot deny the need for wisdom in all it’s resources.  In all its glory.  We cannot reach into the depths of psychology to peruse nuggets of wisdom. We can however double click on ourselves, our elders, our wise friends.  We can pause, reflect, second guess and wait for the best answer.  Wait is one of those -sounds good but is harder to do in real life when we are on go. Wait is often what is needed. Its strong hold on waiting is in the darkroom of patience and misunderstandings.  

WE can hold onto wisdom or share it.  We can use it or lose it.  We can listen or ignore it.  It is after all - advice. Guidance towards best efforts.  There is no bullseye. There is a humanistic best effort - with best intentions. There is cause and effect.  There is the possibility of learning. There is growth. There is comfort. There is now. There is then.  There is. 

WE guide in order to be of service to ourselves and others.  We listen in order to serve.  We gather evidence, we squirrel it away, we acquire knowledge, we guess, we decide, we see what happens.  It’s hard to make a wrong choice -in that it’s all a part of the big learning lesson of life. Easy to say, much harder to do, most of the time.  We can say all the right things, we can get it, and in the same sentence blow it.  It’s a part of life. It is life.   

To access our deepest wisdom is both effortless and effortful.  It’s a powerful resource- we all have access to.  How do we tap it? It’s a well within.  It’s like water always moving and still and inviting.  A soft landing it creates for questions.  A moving parade of stillness and movement.  A possibility of a way that wasn’t so before the dip in. One little idea can expand endlessly on a wave throughout time.  Effortless, effortful, easy, hard, in, out.  Wisdom expands through time, centuries, universes, and moments. Its acquired and lost. It’s found on a dime.  Lost for a century. Its both new and old. It’s familiar like family. We can feel like it when it returns after a long trip.  

We fight for change. We trip on new ideas. We examine old patterns. We describe change. We do something. We review, examine, decipher, and move on.  We grow wiser as the days of our lives accumulate.  We see beyond the film of the wave, to the furthest part of the ocean, beyond the seas edge- as it all rises once again into eternity.  


Post live stream notes

This session was fascinating. I was excited for it, because wisdom is something I care a lot about and have a huge project surrounding it. Which sort of clouded my expectations a bit. The most fascinating and embarassing part is when I had to put my head down and half fall asleep. It's a bit hard to understand me in that position, but it was such a great example of an access point to our own wisdom. When we are sleeping our ego's, judgments and defensive natures drop and we are able to open up to guidance. I am also doing a healing from this space, but its always neat. The beginning is interesting too in they show us how using the body to fly like a bird we can tap into wisdom. There was the reminder that if we have tapped into universal wisdom, that we don't need to write it down, we can tap back in less we forget. Getting pulled into something hard or dark, and quickly we can become lost in darkness. Pulling ourselves out with kindness, care, love and open hearts.

Watch Wisdom Sunday School Lesson Here! 

Here are some cheat sheets from the video....

17:15 Shoot out from the Vision area

18:01 Hyper focused

19:00 That we all sort of los ourselves....If it universal wisdom, we can tap back into, like the universal cloud

24:13 Energy work is weird...doorways of possibilities

30:27 I work here...further back into ourselves, away from society

39:50 It carpools us...into a society of hopelessness

45:48 I am in such a rut here -right now...holding this terrible energy

1:06 Man I am really out here - this is a trip

1:11-22 Spiritual people are much more likely to go into depression

1:14:38 I feel like I am waking up....