Sunday School Lesson:



This is the original download I received prior to Sunday's session. The words matter less than the energy that is behind these lessons. Channeled wisdom is a full dimensional experience. I suggest reading these downloads like poetry or looking at fine art. Take it in on any level that matters.


Success mission here defined

Create space. Listen. Enlighten yourself. Inscription will bear. Tighten the hatches on your ideas. Listening for the next steps. Define. Sublime. Space bar. Dilemna inside ourselves trying to figure out what is right for us. Re-define success here. Create a space where you can insert your ring around the circle. (insert close up photo of tree lines).  

Our lives are mere circles around the sun. The orbits of the universe intricately connected to space and time. Our universal importance to the collective.  Creating tension between the self here on earth and the lives we are living in other timelines.  Our singularity is universal and controversial.  Our values here refined.  Principles of love, honor, respect for the earth and all it’s beings. A crisis of love on our hands.  A finite powder. 

Prepare this meal like this: 1. Watch the earth and yourself within in. 2. Hand over any necessary details. 3. Marry yourself to each other. 4. Create a nice pathway with hope, nature, and a winding possibilities. There are no wrong turns - they all lead back to love -eventually.  5. Listen for your lessons.  6. Open yourself up for change often. 7. Let go of expectations. 8. Trust.9. Follow.  10. Write this down. 

I will follow my given path now.  I will do as told, so that the whole can also succeed.  I will do this in tow with everyone at my feet. The sky above.  The birds showing me possibilities.  We create trust within and without while we follow.  Each of us creating a perfect union within the whole.  Each carving our lines in the wood.  Lines of hope and possibility.  Lines connecting us back to each other. Line up for each other.  Lines around the block. We circle and circle and circle with each other until their is nothing but hope. 

We are alone on this mission. We are alone on the hill.  We are alone in the mountains. We are alone in the sea.  It matters mightily that we and we alone define success here.  It matters only to us. To our growth.  To each other. To ourselves.  WE teach while we lead. We do as we are told.  We find freedom within the scripture. Within the marbled walls.  We find ourselves back at the beginning again, writing down what we were told.  Why do we forget?  Why is this so important? Why define our values at all? 

Why not? Read and write. Drink Tea. Watch birds. Write until it’s a stream of consciousness. Until you no longer care what it says.  Let this writing be what it is. Without having to define if it’s good or great or free.  We cannot win here, not really.  We also cannot lose.  We can only journey a little closer to love this time.  A little closer to fine.  

I understand this riddle.  This eternal flame of forgiveness.  This journey of defining love smells of the riches all around.  Filling up my nostrils with remembrance, with hope, and excitement.  Rightness and wrongness here filled into the vacuum of love once again. Can we trust it? Can this be it? Is that all there is to life here on earth? YES. It’s simply defining yourself within yourself. This time with love and awareness. Perceptions aside. The goggles of love worn outside.  Lessons learned. Lessons aside. Lessons behold us. Lessons behind. Review. Rewrite. Redefine. Find. Fill. Expand. Until defined. 


SUNDAY March 5TH (post livestream notes)

This was a fascinating Sunday! A full moon Sunday was full of compelling insights. Because I have no script and follow what my guides tell me to do, I am generally as surprised as you are by the video. Only after watching it afterward can I see what came through. I took the time to highlight the video to show you where to jump to get to the best nuggets of info. I recommend watching the tape so that you can experience the energetic download. Video

This session was a really deep one. I go into a few types of healings on myself. Showing how we can heal current issues and the past. We explore sadness and depression and how we can go into it and let it go. The how and why of defining our values and life's mission. It's a session I barely remember because I was so deeply in it. The full moon energy really affecting my sleep this week and this session.

Cheat Sheet timeline for re-watching.


Healing Jetlag live. I was traveling this month and had jet lag the whole week. I asked for help healing it from my guides, and they did it live!


I flash back to a real moment/period in my old life. I go into that old place and heal "her," from now. Its pretty neat to see how easily we can heal the past, by giving it attention, and allowing the healing to come through.


Why define our values at all? I go into value creation, discovery, and meaning.


Sadness and depression and that space in our lives. I go into it energetically.


Healing the above piece on sadness and depression.


There is no spiritual bypassing.


Final concept...