Sunday School Lesson:



This is the original download I received prior to Sunday's session. The words matter less than the energy that is behind these lessons. Channeled wisdom is a full dimensional experience. I suggest reading these downloads like poetry or looking at fine art. Take it in on any level that matters.


Hello World! How do you do? We are all angels here. We carry light and love for all to share.  WE love you, as you love us. It’s symbiotic and beautiful llike life always is. WE heart you in the dark moments and dance with you in the light ones.  We have a job to do here - just like you. We heart all the advice and love all the hard stuff too.  It’s the in-between stuff that captures our minds eye. We get caught on the nuggets of love sometimes. Peering into the depths of the cave looking for light. Staring into the abyss for hope - when the light is behind our backs.  WE want to know it’s safe in there - that we can’t lose if we enter. But, that knowledge is never assured - and isn’t even the point. 

Work hard, trust in us, as we trust in you.  Bring your best to the party, bring a nice suit if you have one too.  A little fun never hurts, and can bring someone some joy. A raucous good time can be felt deep down into the earths core.  She likes a good belly laugh too.  We could all use a smile today. We could all plant a tree too.  It’s really the little things that matter that make the biggest differences in life- huh. Giving credit is a bit like that - like a hug to someone dear. We show and tell our love, and the great wisdom already here before us. 

Great credit to the wind, to the skies, to airplanes who fly so high. Great credit to those that came before you.  Great credit to the amassing of time and space and the moment we are in that give us the space - to be seen and heard from such an angle - and a certain light. Great light, great basin, greatness all around creates that possibility of hope - of a new day- a new way.  Maybe this time we invent the new wheel.  We hope, we pray, we do, we wait.  For inspiration, an idea, a thought, a lightning bolt to hit! We want -the sweet little ego for it’s brilliance to shine right through.  We want credit, and glory, and life to stop still for us to have our 15 mins - oh yes please. We all secretly want to the most credit - cause it would feel so damn good. 

We share in this want - in this glory- to be seen.  We share in wanting credit for our shining example. That is something we all want - is to be seen. Helping each other shine, allowing yourself to shine, being shiny is fun.  As long as there is enough shine to go around, so the whole world has a bit of fun.  We all want the same things - we all want a little center stage. We all want to be appreciated.  Let us not forget to give credit.  For it’s for certain a need that is universal.  Like a curtain call, or a lover’s wink - we need to be reminded - that we do indeed matter. 


Post Live Stream Notes

Credit is such a good SSL to listen to. I was fascinated by rewatching this—a good one to listen to all the way through.

In this lesson I reflected on last month's experience of LESS. How intense that experience was for me. How living on LESS opened my eyes, as well as my heart, and expanded my abilities. Being given LESS in life is highly correlated to my gratitude and growth. I had no idea just how much - but I would say 70% higher gratitude rates than a normal month.

Giving Credit was the big idea. None of us would be here without others help along the way. According to my guides, shooting to give credit 50% of the time is a good goal. It would be too awkward to credit everything.

Another insight I had is yes it is often a challenge to find a flow state, but there is another challenge in maintaining it. Trusting the flow state w/o tripping yourself up. As the body becomes a pendulum. I stop trying to control. And I follow. That is the beginning of flow.

I am doing my best to stretch the tool within that tells me not to worry about what others think. We all worry about how we look to the world. We say we don't - but we do. We are a part of the culture, and acceptance is vital for survival. Stepping outside culture is a huge deal. I found myself the night before this lesson Dancing in the streets of SF owning it -w/o headphones. It was strangely liberating to dance to a universal tune when it appears you are the only one hearing it. Allowing it take over your body, letting yourself flow into it. It takes a leap of faith.

In general fear and anxiety like to sneak in every chance they get. I noticed how easily it likes to creep back in, in between sets of my work. I am a professional Spiritual Guide- I get front row access to the best help in the world- and I am constantly plagued with self doubt (fear & anxiety). I realized what a leap of faith we all take each day. The mastery of trust, letting go of control, and dropping the fragile ego. It is hard.

Watch Credit


Cheat sheets from the Video...


We should shoot for giving credit 50% of the time.

26:00 :

Energy Coming in here ….

It is desirous, dreamy - energetically like a maple syrup coming in.

That is beginning to drip and flow through my system

Just below my breast bone

Moving slowly down

And kind of down my legs.

Movement of energy

At my toes into the earth.

IS transporting into the earth - an electrical current.

That allows change.

Almost like…

An old production line of courage.

Creating pathways.

For your audience to hear

And to hold.


Energy is feeling around me

As the new energy takes hold

WE curtail our existence

Within space and time.

To encourage each other

To find solace in time.




Solar from the neck on out here
I am feeling this build

This star circular pattern.

Feeling momentum behind him.


(This is Cass)
I do feel the Less I get in life -in the moment

The less I can immediately I can gratify my needs

The more grateful I am when I get them.

I am not nearly as grateful as when I do get them.

How much better does that thing feel

When I get a lot of no’s.


ITs huge.

It’s really huge to not get what we want.

When we keep getting what we want

We are actually less happy.

Because se just see what we aren’t not getting.

93% things - 7% we are not getting.

Expectation is what we get - we are so incredibly grateful of that 7% because

It beats the shit out of getting nothing.

1:03 energy +

Those expectations that are build in over time.

Are really detrimental.

For our lives experiences to be in union.

With the world and each other.

And the planets and universal.

As being most important

As being in understanding

As being in expansion

As being in sacrifice

As being in the world as one.

When we let go we are one.


What is flow?

As we create consciounses here in this flow.

We create choice.

Define that space

Open up to space

(Really swinging here… both directions - huuuge moves)


AS the body becomes a pendulum

I stop trying to control

And I just follow.
There is flow


Fear and anxiety to drop in

With just a little bit of sneaking out.

Its so sad

Its so dumb

Immediately the judgement

Over here I am holding the space of universal

An inexplicable challenge to hold a faith and trust in something

That feels so far away most of time

I am right next to it.

I am questioning,

How can I expect others to hold this faith and trust, if you don’t experience

To hold that faith and trust

I get that irony,.

I am with you.

How do we do this?

It is a humbling experience.

It is just going to be that way.