Sunday School Lesson:



This is the original download I received prior to Sunday's session. The words matter less than the energy that is behind these lessons. Channeled wisdom is a full dimensional experience. I suggest reading these downloads like poetry or looking at fine art. Take it in on any level that matters.


Today’s lesson is on spirituality itself- or consciousness.  WE are going to explore what that means.  Each of us have a soul. We are born here on earth with personal lessons, and the earth’s physical space is our playground.  We are not right, nor wrong here but merely exploring these boundaries.  We are here trying to get it right, but often feel like we are getting it wrong. IF we are to pull ourselves back and look at this from a wider lens - we can see that it’s all perfectly perfect already.  We just are watching a very expanded football game.  Teams decided, uniforms, players, positions, attitudes, expectations, hopes, and  dreams.  We have a game that looks like a binary, in order to engage us.  However, it's all a playing field for our consciousness.  

WE have a new order.  It involves new ideas, good ideas, bad ideas, all the ideas all at once.  WE have to decide what matters.  This is the soul’s work here. What matters to me? What are my personal matters here? 

Consciousness is a state of being. A state of play, awareness, control, view, expansion, enlightenment. IT’s a radar of awareness. A prism of new ideas, old ideas, new visions, re-envisioning.  Turn key it is not.  Custom all the way.  Customized for our growth, our expansion, our world view, our experience, our lifetime.  We are on this earth for a relatively short period, in the context of things.  It’s an intense exploration in a limited environment. IT requires attention, thought, experience, and wellness of heart.  Consciousness is in the heart vs. the mind.  Which can be counterintuitive. Ideas from the heart? Aren’t ideas from our heads? No. They reside in the heart first.  All good things are felt first.  Expansion of the heart expands our consciousness to the nth degree. 

Our hearts, our minds, our souls' context is woven into consciousness.  It bounces around between these places until it unifies. Unification is an art.  Creating the space of art as a consciousness is life. 

Relief from vacation.  Relief from the Vatican.  Relief from life. That is the soul’s work. It’s the cathedral's light that works its way into the pages of life. Spanning generations, bookshelves, hand me downs.  It’s a process that takes time. Takes wisdom to slice apart the tiny particles of insight. 

We are happy to our hearts content with wisdom, light, darkness, and soul. Art therapy enlightens our lives. Our souls. Our hearts afire with delight. Creating mosaics of entwined lives, upon earth, as it is in heaven. Reach up high and mighty to your soul’s delight. Find your lucky stars and smile. You're on the right path as long as it's bright.  As long as it’s yours. As long as it might. 


After a month

For the first time since I began live streaming, I forgot to hit the record button. Yikes! Yes, I have no recording of last Sunday's lesson. It's wild because I am interested to go back over the channel at the end of the month. I like to see how this lesson played out in my life and work. I feel a bit naked, not having it to share. I only have my impressions from post live stream written below. It was an awkward session, if I am honest, and a part of me was relieved it wasn't recorded. I am also sad because something is missing in not sharing boring, less dramatic channels to see how life can be tedious sometimes - even for a Shaman. I recently read this article on intuition, and a therapist with strong intuition was talking about still making mistakes despite having her intuition channel open. It's a form of info, but it's not a fortune teller. We don't get to bypass being human. Being human means going through a human experience, no matter who you are.

It turns out this month's channel was challenging for me. The blah moments where the content feels too dull to connect to, or my judgement that those moments aren't worth sharing. I would way rather be entertaining. As a woman, the tightrope bias is always in play, with my self-judgment somehow being too much or not enough. Learning to accept myself and the present moment as worthy is a big one.

My immediate post live stream notes:

The whole big arc felt like it was about acceptance of the moment. Even uneventful moments. The boring moments. No big highs or lows.  I liked to bitch or escape any dull or uncomfortable moment. Most of this session - was super boring, no doubt. I am relieved I didn't record it.  I felt nervous and weird that there seemed to be no point.  The day's energy was about feeling stuck in a tight experience, super focused, and disconnected from my spiritual self. Work mode- corporate mode- working in my head and business world vs being connected to the feminine.The softness of my voice, the lack of enthusiasm.  The Hmmm mode of everyday life. How often I was daydreaming of doing something fun - better - checking out - looking for a high.  How being bored or uncomfortable, I wanted out. My head is constantly so caught up in the negative; it's ridiculous.  No more bitching and acceptance of the moment is the way to healing the moment.  If we judge it or ourselves, needing a spiritual awakening every time, we seek escape.  We are anything but in the current moment. It's strange. The end after 90 mins of trying my best to hurry the session along because it felt so pointless. We finally started to move the energy of it.  IT someday got healed, and I was relieved to be done.  Now, here I am, missing the entire file - and only now realizing the loss of the recording.  How important each of these is - and my negative outlook - and the vulnerability of being so open online isn't my cup of tea.
I would instead perform and put on a show.  I am sad now it is lost.  There will be that missing video - always. All well. Acceptance of complete acceptance of the moment. What we allow ourselves to feel, be, and experience. The whole episode felt so pedestrian.  Like why would anyone watch that shit??? They can stay uninspired by themselves.  What a sad sack I am - what a waste - no wonder nobody is watching.  Like really. The patience that is needed to do this work is imminent.  Being a shaman can be pretty dull too.  LOL! It can be tedious.  Like yesterday's car work with Frank.  The whole thing can suck. That is a part of spirituality.  It is accepting the everydayness of it.