Sunday School Lesson:



This is the original download I received prior to Sunday's session. The words matter less than the energy that is behind these lessons. Channeled wisdom is a full dimensional experience. I suggest reading these downloads like poetry or looking at fine art. Take it in on any level that matters.



Collective consciousness

Beauty & Joy

WE will start here in a lesson in joy.  The heart of this message is really just that.  We find joy in life when we are in sync. We find it in nature. We find it within ourselves. We find it in life itself.  Its the hummingbird alive within, being lit by nature, striving for expression. We can’t help but express joy. It bubbles up and out for all to enjoy.  It creates a vibrancy that fills the void.  It creates a bubble of possibilities all at once.  It’s life at its core being lived well.  Rich and alive. Well and deserved.  It is a value none of us can deny.  Creating pathways of possibilities in the landscape of life.  WE live for joy. We strive for it. We buy into it. We are joy. We are full of life’s possibilities. We are lit up. We are strong. We are alive. Thank you. 

It is here that we begin.  We have life being lived at it’s fullest high point. We are buzzing with excitement. We are now looking for a place to put this into play.  Creating space for next steps. 

We ask ourselves what is sacrifice?  What is ritual? What is sacrifice as ritual.  Why now? WE can be selfish.  WE can be selfless. We can be somewhere in between.  We can lie on this bed of truth and ponder our existence. We can write poetry and sing to the gods.  We can write or pray.  WE can sacrifice our lives for something bigger than the self. To carry the burdens for all that came.  We can see ourselves within the whole.  We can see that it is not me, but we.  We can see all this and still wonder why all this came to be.  

We are not alone.  Not really in this.  It is important to understand that sacrifice is more take than it is give. There is an inherit value in it that is hard to describe.  It is both written in the stars and right down here on earth.  Salt and stars combine into tears of hope.  Riding joy into the darkness.  Picking up hope for a free ride.  Faith and hopelessness come alive at the same time.  

Written within the context of our lives is a huge sacrifice.  How to give: Part 1.  Define love.  2. Receive love.  3. Repeat.  4. Hand over the plate for others to share in your burdens today.  5. Recognize it’s a hand off per say, not an exit of sins. 6. Create this sign to hang on your wall: art is on today. Love is off today. People are in today. Sacrifice is out today. Rearrange please at anytime.  This is all a work in progress. 7. Receive the guidance you need. 8. Rearrange your day as guided. 9. Trust it is in alignment. 10. Receive, repeat, guide, give.  

WE haven’t valued the sacrifices. Not in a capitalistic sense.  We aren’t going to. The value is defined by the giver.  The receiver has no end.  We haven’t decided to give or to take today. But to sacrifice as a ritual. To give back for giving back’s sake. 

How to sacrifice? What is sacrifice? What is love? What is right? Requires loves time and patience.  Requires your attention.  Requires a masters degree of care.  A phd in love. A doctoral on the medicine of the moment. It requires patience of path. It requires a sacrifice of the soul.  It isn’t easy always. It isn’t apparent to the naked eye.  It’s a blind trust in something bigger. Something less understood.  


SUNDAY April 2nd (post livestream notes)

Well as always this was a fascinating Sunday! Wow. It was one super ride. Sunday being Palm Sunday felt especially special. Sacrifice as Ritual being pre-ordained theme felt right in alignment with the Universe. Palm Sunday being the day Jesus walked into Jerusalem and was greeted with friendly people who put Palms on the ground. By the end of this week he was crucified. Exploring Sacrifice vs Martyrdom, looking at its place in our world today.

I got through about ten sentences into my channeled reading before the energies came in and took me over for a big ride. I was in full channeling and healing for almost the full two hours. The first hour is pretty fascinating with a lot of content at warp speed. It begins with the tension between things as being the place life is lived at it's fullest.

I took the time to highlight the video to show you where to jump to get to the best nuggets of info. I recommend watching the video so that you can experience the energetic download VIDEO

Cheat Sheet timeline for re-watching.

Beginning - intro to this months theme on sacrifice as ritual, and the approach to the video.


Energy begins to arrive in...


It is within the architecture of oneness, in how we fit and don't fit. How in this friction between the two are life's lessons. When we accept all the sides of ourselves and others. This section is very interesting and sets the tone for the day.


Can we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal? ...A spiritual voice suddenly we aspired to live...Holding a candle in the darkness... This is where faith begins. This walks into the past looking at how our forefathers had aspirational language in the constitution. How the basics of light and dark have been with us for ages.


There is a christ consciousness in everyone. Why can't everyone get it? When its so beautiful.


Expansion into highest consciousness and the physical connection to that. Showing some physical movements that get us into a higher consciousness. Neat way of beginning the ascension process, the self healing process, and the general rise in consciousness.


I am physically holding a space for inner christ, so I can protect him from attackers.....As we focus in on the love what is in here, that what is not in highest consciousness will disappear....Protecting the light is the sacrifice here. That is the work. Very cool thing you can watch happen.


Now we are in the water, like mermaids. half our bodies in the water, half of them out. Must remain fluid. This is about the state we need to be in these days.


Cycling between greatness and smallness, but its always moving. Even if it is moving slowly. I am not stuck I am in mourning. and mourning is moving, just slowly. I am not stuck, so there i am still connected to a richer sense, a quieter place. Beautiful section about sadness and loss and how it can be good - as long as its moving. as long as we are not stuck.


So why do we have to go through the pain? why is pain part of the sacrifice? Because without the fire there is no renewal. Without pure destruction we cannot see the light.