Sunday School Lesson:



This is the original download I received prior to Sunday's session. The words matter less than the energy that is behind these lessons. Channeled wisdom is a full dimensional experience. I suggest reading these downloads like poetry or looking at fine art. Take it in on any level that matters.


Power is in 2’s and three’s and never really in ones.  It’s a misinterpreted experience. Power matters,but not in the long haul.  It matters in personal style and experience on the planet. It matters because it seems to matter. However the circumstances, aren’t the real circumstances- not really.  We care in a way that is a meaningful exchange in nature and in nurture. We trust in a way that is unimaginable to the current human experience. There is love all around us, and that is what matters most. Not the collected power within the universe. We want you all to be successful here.  But what does success look like? How do we attain it - really here? 

In theory, it is in nature. In thought it is within ourselves. In other worlds it’s universal. What space are you coming from? What thought patterns run your business here?  We can’t help you from the universal position without your consent.  

Right this down. It’s not truth you are after, but art.  Thought and light pass through art.  Find your art here - not your power- and you will be in the winners lane of life. We like you here - as you are now.  You don’t need to BE anything else to be a success model.  That is life’s big lesson isn’t it? That you are enough already.  That power is a facade. Other than it’s enormous damage to the Ukraine, poor countries, lost souls and what not.  We can’t make up power into a different box. We can’t change it’s misperceptions here. We can accept our differences of opinion about it.  We can re-direct it’s pathways on the other side.  We can heal. We can help. We can decide to do something different. We can start here now. Will you join us? 

Powerful people in the world, hold more power than is deemed worthy upon themselves. We hold these truths to be self-evident. We hold these truths. 

Power up. That is a term I do like here. It is using power to get us going. Get us higher. Get us on track, when we are off.  It can pull us out of ruts. It can re-direct us back into alignment. It can be some powerful stuff. It’s not a new idea, or an old idea. It’s a fresh idea every time.  It’s the power of two’s. It’s the power of one’s.  It’s the power that we use in our reserves that matters. 

Blood of christ.  What does that mean? Blood is in christ. It is in us. It is one powerful drop of blood. That spreads between the sheets. Staining our love. It drops upon the world so bright. Right when the leaves are ripe. Hearts above. Tear droplest below. Christ we might. Oh christ we just might. 

Hearts of stone. Mother’s delight. Roger’s stone. Bloodstone. Righteous light. We can unite. On earth, as it is in heaven.  

Church songs. On the hillside so bright. Rain drops beside my bedside. Wrongdoings piling up in my life. Can we please oh please just stay the night. 

Hold me here, oh dear. Across your lap tonight. Wrap me up in your arms so tight. That I just might hear the songbirds here.  Heartbreak it is. Heartbreak it has always been. The rich and the powerful- wishing they too could be held so tight, tonight. 

We care, because we love. We might, because we fight. We run, because we are alone.  We fight, because we might die. Run with me, fight with me, but hold me tight.  I don’t want to really go, I want to stay the night. 

A powerful goodnight.  


Post Live Stream Notes

This is my first Sunday School Lesson from my Sprinter Van. It was a session with a lot of quiet moments. Some highlights that came through in the live session that stood out upon rewatching it. Power comes in waves. This concept that it isn’t always on- it has its time its needed more than others. It comes in times of need. That it isn’t a faucet and we shouldn’t expect it- is something I found a valuable insight. The concept of Power in being vs thinking. Personal power and the power of a group setting. The idea that we can’t change anyone or group that isn’t ready or open to the change is real. We must be open to receive the info.

Watch Power

Here are some cheat sheets from the video....

24:00 Power comes in rushes.

39:00 Beautiful passage here...

1:14- Creating change requires consequences and limitations. Coining and adopting new ways of being in the world. One of conservation and care and connecting to the planets deeper needs and desires. It’s needs matter most right now. A desire to change - conflicts - of continuous necessary shifts in the universal plane.” Kindness rules - bring it with kindness.