Sunday School Lesson:



This is the original download I received prior to Sunday's session. The words matter less than the energy that is behind these lessons. Channeled wisdom is a full dimensional experience. I suggest reading these downloads like poetry or looking at fine art. Take it in on any level that matters.

Loss & Grief

The power of loss and grief. It befuddles us all.  It stops all else in its tracks.  It creates a roadmap to a new life. A compass often points in a new direction.  There is life within life all of a sudden. A new life budding as an old one dies out. It breaches, it reaches, it forms in delight - despite our attempts to squelch it - a new formation - a new life unites. It’s often in the background as we cry to our eyes delight. We are making fortunes in sadness and grief, while losing our grip often for a while.  A loss of life, a loss of limb, a loss of delight in life. A while to grieve is necessary. A while to delight abounds new life.  

We can’t give up in the resistance. The spring has sprung, despite our intentions to kill all in spite. To give up our sense of direction, to spin our course all night. We fight with our best might to make sense of a world - that doesn’t really care about our intentions. It has bitten off more than we can chew. It overwhelms us, depresses us, gives second chances, then thirds.  We take 4th’s and 5th’s and we still don’t seem to know - why the 6th is even in the narrows. We control what we can, we let go of the rest. We rest. We rest. We rest. 

Even bow. The boat is assured.  Their is balance somewhere -here. There is reason beyond comprehension.  Their is magic here. In this darkest dark, darkened, nights.  So black we see. So much less than we can imagine it to be.  Thick like mud, and hardness, and callous fights.  We can’t seem to make sense in this thickness - this mud- this muck. 

Why does it happen? Why so much pain? What have we done to deserve this desert.  

Reckoning. We are reckoning with the dead. The darkest hour -we all do.  We have seen foe become stranger, we have dranketh some strange brew.  We have tried to heal, to cover, to fight, to love. We have tried all the things in the racket - we have tired with all our might.  Why is it so hard? Why so long? So treachuroius? Why do we have to give up hope - to return to the light.  I don’t understand - not really - not even myself. From the human perspective - it’s a lot of wasted - poor me.  

I have no idea - most of the time the why.  I do know the path -though. How arduous, rich, begotten beauties, flower or what not.  I decide not to help you with virtuous parts -but forgotten ones. The right ones in your heart. The forgotten flowers in your heart will begin to spring anew. Like little buds of hope - in forgotten stew. We feel this hope rise, within, like hope in a balloon above.  Rising but forgotten in the dusk airy night.  We see her in the distance, out of the corner of our eye. Writhing in the foreground, bathing her good eye. She see’s us but doesn’t mind. The wandering eyes her way.  She recognizes this moment. As one for the books.  One that will often return, later in life. One that stands out as different - as evening with new light.  

We will see her rise within us, as we arrive outside.  Feeling that union of grass underfoot in the spring. As a new way. A new era. A new earthly delight. 

Our springs are not dry - not really. Even when the water no longer flows.  Their will be new spring for us, my dear ones, because that is how water flows.  


Post Live Stream Notes

I channeled this lesson below from the Hanai Foundation in Bend, Oregon. It was both and in person and live streamed event. It's a bit of a hard listen because I couldn't find a spot to hide a microphone. Feel free to check it out below for a full cut. Or you can skip to a few spots I highlighted.

Watch Loss & Grief

Here are some cheat sheets from the video....I really dug the parts about an hour in.

51:30 "Heart - heart connections. Something with this piece in the heart. Things will show up for me physically - Heart and Head. Interconnected. People are heart or head. Let go of the head and stick to the heart. It is where our knowing, our understanding of what is truly important.  If we lead with our hearts we are on the right path. "

54;00 "When my heart is tight I can draw my attention there. Loss and grief there. The concern piece. Concern for the planet, each other. Heart intelligence. Physical level how do we tap into spiritual world - the heart. I want to play my heart like it’s a saxophone. Nina Simone - it’s almost like a musical or - there is something maybe it’s a connection through music - we can tap into our heart through music. It is a way to get the brain to relax, and to restore here. Self care for the heart is music. She needs to be free, she needs time to recenter, let go of , needs to be seen, and not minimized in any way. In the world of mind - the heart can be displaced. "

57:00 "But your heart experiences are what you remember. Injustice and the experiences you remember throughout a lifetime. I am hearing the mind will go blank one day. The heart will. "

58:00 "Our experiences with our heart first. About finding when we are in a little bit of a cage - finding a way to put our heart front and center. 59:00 The justice for the worlds is felt and heart. Little baby birds, those voices - the little voices, the little birds sing, its important page. "

1:01 "How do I integrate spiritual work into my work. Our personal stuff is a part of universal. Showing me an old friend -that seems like add -the wandering is sort of gathering - anything that comes in -sound, interruption, all of those are pieces of our gathering. We are allowed to integrate. This is where it is so."