Sunday School Lesson:



This is the original download I received prior to Sunday's session. The words matter less than the energy that is behind these lessons. Channeled wisdom is a full dimensional experience. I suggest reading these downloads like poetry or looking at fine art. Take it in on any level that matters.


Finding a way to live more simply- w/o perfection or judgment 

How do we find a way with less? That seemingly simple question is at the root.  We believe we can find a way.  Simple steps include: 1. Write it down. 2. Spend it. 3. Re-write it down. 4. Honestly review. 5. Make notes. 6. Did it work? 7. Re-write. 8. Finish. 9. Let it go. 10. Start over. 

This is the theory to letting go.  This is the way to live simply.  If you can’t understand the above - you have too much stuff. The rigamorral is enormous for keeping things in the system.  Getting rid of shit takes time.  So why bother gathering so much. The sun sets another day in the mtns.  It reminds us that days are really rather simple.  We can predict that simplicity of nature, and we can keep our lives in tune.  It’s not rocket science. We don’t need to make things complicated to make them right.  The best practice is the most simple one.

Try caring for one thing. Then another. IN that order. If you can’t maintain care for one - let it go.  It’s too much stuff.  If you can’t remember you have it - let it go. If you can’t care - you can’t have. 

New stuff reminds us of old stuff.  We want new - but then we have to discard or get rid of the old. Some of us are good at this. Many are not. One for one is the best rule. Letting go of the rest. 

Love something all the way through -or let it go - and find a new nest. We want it all. We want everyone to know we have it all. WE want more just in case. For that rainy day. But that day never comes - and when it does its all too much stuff.  WE can’t remember why we bought it - it’s taking up so much stock.

We make light here of a seemingly simple thing. A little thing that can become a tremendous fright. Why hang on?  

Why do we hang on? Is it sentimental? Is it helpful? Is it grounding? Can we be ruinous and besoutful at once? What gives here? When all else fails?  Why do we carry it so far - when it’s weight is beyond repair. 

Retired. Rewired. Out of sorts.  That is the stuff that blocks simple pleasures around the corner of the locks.  There is this place that keeps being shown to me in pictures - a real live place on the burke gilman trail in seattle.  A corner I had turned so many times before. A corner that holds some memory treasure - stuck in me like an undone chore.  Pulling me back again and again - something deeper here I haven’t let go of - that wants to be resolved. I have seen this before- with a memory of a location that is on repeat. An old thing I must let go - but I don’t know what exactly it holds for me - so I am having a hard time letting go.  

Is that why we all hang on to things - when they are past their current date? Because a time, a place, a memory that we cannot waste is attached to this current desire.  The old girlfriend, the old memory lane, the old life I once lived here - holding some memory still here- allowing me to return.  Will it be gone - if the memory fades once and for all?  Or will I just be done with it - because indeed it is past it’s possible date?  

Do we all have things that hold us to the past?  To parts of ourselves that would be best served if we caught up to our current selves.  Is this the human dilemma that plagues us all through time.  Trying oh trying to stay present - but pulled in other timelines.  

The past is simply the past. The future is simply tomorrow. Now is the only time that matters - and we should use that as the measure stick of sorrow. 


Post Live Stream Notes

This channeled lesson is an exciting watch. The whole episode was intriguing. I was curious this month how this particular lesson showed up for me. Man, was this month a doozy! It's December and the Holiday season. I also made the move to San Francisco. I took on a big chunk of change, yet the lesson was about Less. My mentor told me about her guide, Jesus, and how this month was about the embodiment of Christ. That got me thinking about how beautiful that focus is vs. the hoopla of Christmas. I have always had an aversion to this month. There are so many things I profoundly disagree with about how we celebrate it. So, focusing on "Less" and being directed by my guides to live on less was part of that challenge. I will go into more personal detail here in my blog post next week- but peeling back layers of attachment has been a theme for me recently.

What is interesting about this channel is watching the change when I go from my take to channeling to a healing session- all around this theme of LESS. It feels like three parts to watch. In the first, I read the above lesson; in the second part, I begin channeling on behalf of the lesson and what is up that day; and in the third, I go into healing. See my notes below for more.

At the 1:03 marker, I begin the healing session - and watching that expansion is remarkable. It's such a challenge to "film" what I do - because I work on consciousness- and how do you show you that? Well, because it's a full-bodied experience, not a mind experience, watching this month's lesson is so interesting. I am curious how you all experience it. Please get in touch with me- I would love to hear your experience.

Watch Less

Here are some cheat sheets from the video....

18:13 - None of us are where we would like to be. We are all on a journey here. We are all " Challenged"....

20:15 There is a lightness of being, a disruption of the soul. A constant. An awareness within - that we can grasp. That we can own. Thicker than blood of the body. It is thick for me now….. (eyes closing here)

21:44  (channelling) We can submit to the moment, knowing that our guides and gods, attachments to outcome, belief religion, be the moments - the aha of life. All of us share a brief moment of expansion. An opening. An awareness….

25:00 How do we stay in this present moment? We let go of the past. We let go of the future.  And we arrive. We follow. ….Who killed JFK by Rob Reiner. 60th anniversary of his murder……. And the mystery resolved so many years later - I am hearing was it every a mystery - or are we just ready to hear the answers now. Things take time, we aren’t always ready for the truth. . We can write a book too early for the times. We can make a wave and it’s just a ripple. And 30 years, 60 years or a lifetime…….., how can we ever really we are doing has impact - and does it ever really matter. American culture has a pattern of winners and losers based on what it makes sense in the moment. But does that matter? What is our work. Does it matter if it’s recognized. What is right in good timing?

31:13 ( I sit back here) Oneness, one. We are one. I feel like I am on a ship as it starts to sway. (In trance)

32:19 Sacrifice as ritual. Sacrificing helps. For the planet. For the World. For the Universe. Creating pathways of hope - for the masses. There is no …

33:40 We cannot create change at the existence level in the world that created that problem. We must upgrade into an evolution even if it’s just in a moment of time. ….And aligns to the future.

37:00 As we follow our hearts, our intuition. Our own drumbeat, our timing in sync with nature. We all begin to walk differently. Different tones, Different directions, different styles. ….

38:25 WE download new info, innovation. WE download what we need - now. So we need. We have everything we want.

40:48 Formal wear, formal attire, formal ness the approach to life that is required; It is also satire. The tuxedo - the truce, the friction between what is right and accepting as truthful.  

42:30: We cannot function in technology today without acknowledging the wisdom channel. We are at a crossroads here - both personally and professionally. We are tuning into the radio station of wisdom - it is a wiring -it’s not an outcrop station in the boom docks. It is a primary fast moving, high functional, energetic soup sauce that we are all wired to whether we want to or not.

43:57 We are all highways of connection, traveling, beyond light - at warp speed into nations without purpose, universes and out of ….forces beyond our control. We must be advised and be forewarned of weather conditions that are illities for society. For our common goal of our children. It isn’t a problem that can’t be solved. It is a problem of awareness. A susceptibliity,  a vulnerability,  an honoring of an institution called life in the universe. We are but a drop in the dropper in the universe. Our expansion beyond a cellular level into universal. Our birthright in the soul of a nation -beyond a shadow of a doubt. We are beyond our scientific measure. Outside the walls revolution. A quietness ensues, a servitude of nations, of self, of service to the world and beyond. The quiet recognition of all to be served in silence. We arent here to be ruled, powered over, manipulated or held down. A revolution of consciousness. A stake in the world.

47:31 The devil is in the details. She captures our elusive state of mind. And forewarns us of trouble. We choose to succeed or to fail based on these warnings. Adherence. Cannot succumb to fear or violence. Our fortitude in the night, and daily ritual, quietly appear souls, of peace and dignity. Poetry and richness, shown as conscious universals. An intellignece beyond our scope. We can only guess at its mystery. We can only follow the - so that souls can see the other side.

49:15 We expand into awareness. We expand into the soul. We hold more consciousness, more light. More than our beings willingness to ever understand,. The narrative of the consciousness, souls journey. Mysterious delight. Dedicated, compassionate, controlled. Something like - no mind -vulnerable- at any mans best. We cannot see nor find the light - for it is within us.

50:51 As we open the back of our necks - we are allowed to pop out. Spin out,- expand let go. As we lessen our loads today. As we let go of the past. (Head down)

51:58 Fortitude. Fortnight. Fortress. Forever for us- deep deep deep into the forced nighttime. We crawl on our hands and knees into the darkness - hoping to find god.To find ourselves on the forest floor - begging for forgiveness. We have lost all once again. As we get down on all fours - we can feel- our forgiveness - our pain. Our world again. And the light. And our envy and ourselves - but here we are -overwhelmed -unsure -unsure but mostly unsure of ourselves. How do we gain light? Clarity, shift, transforming -fast forward ourselves to next steps. How do we get from here to there? We could just ride the wave. Without our ,minds breaking consciousness flow.

55:25 Becoming one with the ocean. Up up up - rise up- up up up. Up up up -ride the wave. Forgiveness, understand and the oneness of life. We can find peace together. The oneness of It all in these waters. ..knowing we will be alright. That knowing, that quiet, whole. We can breathe. Just be. Without all the addictive qualities of life. JUST BE. AT PEACE. Joy and sadness. Issues of health for the better. Mostly just love. You cannot survived the battling of the waves, unless battling of our lives. Cannot look down at the battering of oursleves. Our souls intact. No soul left behind. No rock unturned. We reach and grab each others hands and hold. A network of humanity.  I release of the single soul. ..

59:14 The efficacy - the efficiency, anything kind of fancy, can arrive in the heartbeat. With drumming, the roarinness - the drum beats within so well.

HUGE HEALING COMES IN NOW... (all the way to the end)

**1:03:58 (energy  in) Just like that the piece is broken.  In comes in the panther, the python. There is something to break this up. Maybe we will end early. Maybe there will be no drama in this episode. Spoken way too early. The panther the python of the darkness hat slid in underneath. ….If I had been to in the future, I would have been checked out.  I wouldn’t be checked in for this piece. Sorry here we go……1:05 It is within this darkness and home, the whole system that I can be in the now, a little past and little future. I nam holding the bubble around me - grab some energy from both places . I have access in that quantum entanglement. … So I am not afraid.

(Major healing here) 1:07 **And that is important here. A lot of what we think we need things is for safety. What if this happen, what if that happens- what do we then? Here I am peaceful - with a panther/ snake is here. …am I prepared. Being able to stay in the present moment, being able to draw what we need into the moment. Here we go…. I am bringing the awareness to how we work - allows room for culture to grow.  To expand Its own distribution assistance. Ownership of much has to do with the awareness and the unconsciousness of our investors - our knowledge our systems and our contribution. Channels and capabitlies. We are victims here. We are followers of the night. We are followers of the mighty. . And we can choose our channel of forgivenes compassion and understanding OR we can follow the channel of anger and violence and disenfranchisement and disassociation and the  lost soul. (Healing here)

1:09 Just as easily we can pull back and let it go. Changing my focus to a higher lighter. Here we go …Expanding expanding - good. Getting bigger here then. Getting bigger than the dartboard. You can get so big here. That whatever we thought was large dark and scary can be overwhelmed by light. A holistic understanding. That what Jesus stands for - the principle of love, kindness, compassion, and forgiveness. Is honestly what we all stand for. Whatever the religion or focus.  It isn’t violence. It is Peace and love. And allowing misunderstandings, miscommunications, and trip ups. We can’t forgive souls unless we can forgive ours.  Ourselves. (Healing)

1:12 We cannot forgive without forgetting our souls to have made mistakes. That is why we are all here . In this bath together - working it out. Whew- good. Reaching… a lightning rod of information. My arms get very long, as I it reaches up - lighting rods…going into radio frequencies of the…. Innovations and enlightenment. Here we go.,.. (Healing)

1:12:45 Gratitude - so large. I am so thankful for the help that I receive. And the timing. I am challenged and I struggle. I find it demanding to be here. I have many moments where I don’t think it’s worth it being here. I have many moments where I don’t see the hope or the possibility of how we pull through. Then I am reminded as I expand and fill. The ego and its need to win and control - to be right. As I let go. Forgiveness. The sate of consioicsness of the world becomes once again - phew. Lighting rod of hope.

1:14 Peace and prosperity -we arrive here in the blindness warapped in robes. Our eyes closed our hearts beating fast. Miracle that we were born. The miracle of love. So quickly we are thrown into the trenches. The pain and the sorrow of humanity. Can this crisis try to enlighten us all - again and again. To the next step. We cannot help but be kind and compassionate. Be full; of understanding and light. And recognize ...

(healing) 1:16 Not so much trying to find meaning, fumbling a bit as the meaning finds us. We seek in the master of hope light and love. And we pray forward is not clear. Or obvious most of the time. It is often cloudy, and clothed in the darkness of that is not easily forgotten. Forges new hope and carves a new pathways- the rivers find a thunderous new wave. But we cannot win at life. There is nothing to win here. There is nothing to win. There is only a constant striving - to find that next mtn top, for us to walk through the….. find al life and understand the meaning - in the moment and then to let it go. The humbling journey. An experience of was never easy. it is not supposed to be easy. But joyous and full of excitement and understanding.

1:20: There really isn’t or right way or a wrong way. There is best timing and best practice. That requires a listening an intuition, a letting go and allowing. Natures timing. Not trying to push against nature. Or Overcome nature. But to comfort nature and to be comforted by nature. Understand she is always moving. As we are always moving. And the sink with the birds……, and the child. Thus we imagine we dont need as much as we think we do. Less society. Less highways. More simple paths. Little circles of hope. It’s footing ,less carbo…. Less things. The seeker. Less contrast and more kindness. More hope. More being. We can arrive, like a puppy. Put on their harness in anticipation of adventure. The smell or weather - we don’t know what we find on our walk - but we will know it will be an adventure. But on our harness and see ourselves out. ...That new day is now.