Sunday School Lesson:



This is the original download I received prior to Sunday's session. The words matter less than the energy that is behind these lessons. Channeled wisdom is a full dimensional experience. I suggest reading these downloads like poetry or looking at fine art. Take it in on any level that matters.

Clearing Space

We all have energy that needs renewal.  It is in the daily dose. Medicine needed to proceed.  We take these truths consequentially. Gods among the people carry the medicine needed. The shamans speak.  We have had these gods for ions. We have forgotten the medicine, refound it, distributed it evenly- fair-ily. The fairies find the forgotten stones- and turn them.  Inside the square, behind the caverns, upwards we rise.  Until eternity, abound in lightness.  We walk this earth all too familiar. We sound these truths within the walls of darkness.  Asking for more. Receiving.  We resound these truths to be self evident.  WE say that a lot.  Because these truths are self -evident. The truths of the deepest knowings. The ones inside, most dear to us. The one’s we dare not speak aloud. To not be made fun of. To find the nuggets. To abide.  

What is clearing space? But taking the time needed to do it right.  The processes of life have a beginning, middle and end. Each needs attention, each matters for the next steps to make sense. When we skip steps, hurry things along- we make mistakes.  We have to return to the beginning - starting again- because we missed steps.  Taking your time. Taking the breathes. Patience matters most here.  For next steps don’t forget the highlights or the lowlights. They all matter here.  

Why do tongue twist, and drive your narrative crazy? Why can’t we just say things clearly- w/o all the leary? Why oh why? We continue to ask ourselves the why.  Why are we here? Why does it matter? Why bother now? 

Because it does matter. This moment. The next moment.  They all matter so much.  Not to forget any of the matters - not to forget.  If I could give you one piece of advice for clearing space - it’s that its actually really very simple.  Create the space by letting go.  Open your arms wide, smile, be big armed like a western winged bird- expanding your ego aside.  Allowing in all that is new and breezy.  Letting the rest out with a sigh.  You will find it here- at the dusk hour -that all creatures are doing the same magical dusting of the ‘sphere.  Shall we now join the rest in the daily ritual my dear.  IT’s not all that magical if it’s only one of us that cares.  

The 5 o'clock hour can consist of witch’s flying, docks onboarding ships, cards exchanging hands, birds flying while others land.  The transfer from one moment to the next.  Like the season's change, the day has it’s beginning and it’s end. How do we honor they - while honoring me- while being in the shadow of the new dawn.  We awaken with delight, like we pass the dawn into night. We rise and set like all the animals alike.  

We are here, we are there.  We are everywhere.  We are no different. We are unique. We are all needing a little time to think.  A wink, a smile, a thought - the brink.  Between each moment - is a time to set.  Reset the table—transition to new space. Open our hearts to new adventures. Let go of old saints.  The new day is calling - but first we must let go of the past.  We must sign off on the final agreements, let the first snow pass.  A blink of the eye, and a whole new life. A requiem for a dream.  New Beauty passes for an old one - new light for night.  We transfer, we transfer, we transfer this light.  Letting in the new, but first we must say goodbye to the night. 


Post Live Stream Notes

This channel worked on me personally in a big way. Read this month's blog to be inspired to do your own clean-ups!

I downloaded this lesson from the high mountain town of Leavenworth, WA. I really liked watching this lesson. It's got a lot energy and passion. From about 9mins until the end of the first hour it's really intense. I highlighted a few moments worth scrolling to below. It is much more effective to watch me say these things than to read them - trust me. Enjoy.

Watch Clearing Space

Here are some cheat sheets from the video....

9:40 “As we fully get into life - other people can follow. Not feeling cheesy, Like the musicians around the campfire the night before.”

10:30 The more we drop into the reality - the realness of my experience - vs the facade.   …nobody is making fun of you.

14:35-16:22.  creating schools of hope, consciousness in the hallways, ..heroes for illness,  connecting the dots, and curate consciousness. This we can curate consciousness - in a world that is desperate and needs it now. How do we cure consciousness without hope? How can we hope without consciousness? Creating highways of possibilities. Swim lanes wide open for all of us to be free. Opening our hearts, opening our bodies. Opening our minds to something larger. Trusting that the water will hold us. That we are buoyant and that it opens us up into another world and that it opens us us. Good.

22:20 How do we hear our calling? I am hearing my calling, but it’s so quiet. It comes in now, when I am good. When I can reach these quiet spaces. In th e nest, the eagles nest where we stay for a minute, between dusk and dawn, and dawn and dusk.

25:38 There is really a lot of work before we make a move… Years before we make a move. Centuries before we make a move. And a split second before we make a move. It’s timing and the space we need for it to be right. There is no rush here. These circumstances and these choices will be here again on other side.

48:17 the cobwebs of consciousness-  are attachments. Change is constant and expecting it to be the same river every time we step in. Is insane. All that is constant is change. All that we create with consciousness allows change.  open-ended systems , open ended ideas, open ended relationship and openness in our hearts. Don’t get gifts like these without an awareness.