"MAPS: Mistreatment for a nation's unease." 

As California stands on the brink of legalizing Psilocybin w/o judgment, I question the sanity of this decision.

I don't judge having not partook. I did attend H.S. in the 90s in a small farming community in Washington State. As bored teenagers, we literally picked our own Magic Mushrooms in the cow fields.

On a recent walk in my San Francisco neighborhood, while I pondered this subject matter, my spiritual guides said MAPS is a mistreatment for a nation's unease. San Francisco is one of the world's most progressive and accepting cities if you are looking for a drug-friendly place to live. I stand out because I am pushing against the trend. Taking drugs to reach spiritual enlightenment or as a way to heal our trauma is a wrong turn. It's vogue to have a therapist, and even more fit to have tripped with your mental health professional. It’s the cool kids' way of saying I have done the work. Sure, Psilocybin is an opening, another trick in the toolbox to try. I can see its appeal, especially for high-risk PTSD trauma patients who are struggling with traditional therapies. It sure sounds like the magic bullet we have all been looking for.

So where’s the problem? As a Wisdom Officer, aka Shaman/Medicine woman/ Sage. You would think mind-altering drugs to be a natural part of work, aka- ayahuasca, peyote, and Psilocybin, have been used for centuries by Shamans to help people access the other side. Would it surprise you to find out that Drugs are my kryptonite? Because I don’t need them to access the other side - they are not only unnecessary but downright dangerous. Drugs drive away my healing gifts instead of enhancing them.

We live in this energetic soup, and a more extensive Universal Intelligence and many forces are out there for both good and evil. One of the problems with drugs is the massive opening they give us makes us vulnerable. Hallucinogens make an easy pathway for Ill energies to enter our energetic pathways w/o our permission. We can walk away with unwanted strangers in our system without realizing it. 

"It's cursory compared to the commitment of turning inward and doing the work. "

There are other ways of treating trauma than drug therapies. I work with one called Energetic Improv. It’s a safe and effective way to knock out that trauma w/o the potential side effects. If you want to get to the source of what's out of alignment, work with a medicine woman, a shaman, or a Wisdom Officer who can access this channel and help guide, heal, and flush out what needs uprighting. 

Remember before you decide to make that last straw decision to try drug enhanced therapy, I encourage you to reach out to a spiritual advisor first. It's truly a magical, natural & effective way of reaching both healing & enlightenment.