Buddhism is Boring

Buddhism is Boring

Buddhism is Boring


Grace, the 20-something who joined in Wednesday night's Buddhist Meditation practice, said exasperated. We all laughed. Grace was right -it wasn't very exciting.

It was a teaching lesson mixed with meditation, so I don't believe great heights were in the mix. Anytime we are intellectualizing a spiritual experience, it will dampen it. This is comparable to trying to experience sex through an Excel spreadsheet. The experience felt forced - like being stuck in first gear when our bodies, or at least my body, were ready to floor it. I was surprised when I opened my eyes and looked around the room of forty people, and no one, including the teacher, looked enlightened.

"Trying to experience spirituality through the lens of the mind is like trying to experience sex through an Excel spreadsheet."

I am interested in bringing people to new heights. I love making their day, where we get to ride on a magic carpet ride together, and when an opportunity is there with a group to do just that, and it doesn't happen, I find myself bumbed for them. I wanted to scream out loud that there are other access points to connect to Universal Intelligence, and they are super fun! But it wasn't my session.

As a professional Wisdom Officer, the mind works against the energy flow state. It takes work and a lot of practice to drop it; the mind demands clarity and narrative control over something utterly uncontrollable.

Getting into energetic flow comes from dropping the mind and, more importantly, opening the heart. Heart intelligence is the way to a strong spiritual connection. The need for spirituality is connected to our losses. Our heart's immense vastness outweighs the intelligence of the mind. We miss the opportunity to honestly drop into something magical if we don't bring our hearts into it.