Energetic Improv (tm)

Energetic Improv (tm)

Energetic Improv (tm)

How do you work? I always get this question: what exactly does a session entail? What modalities (structures) do you work with? Did you go to school for this? Considering you are paying good money for a transformational experience, it's a fair question to want to know what it entails. My best description of the way I work is_ Energetic Improv.

Energetic Improv means first showing up in presence. Letting go of ego, the mind, all the story, and expectations. So that we can be here NOW. (Think Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now.) 

The next step is to hone in on the energy and to sense where the opening is. Where is the seam in the matrix that we can tap into? To do this takes a whole-body listening experience. I am sensing what is next. I often close my eyes and allow all my senses to blend and begin to hear, see, and feel what's up.

The experience of being a conduit of change- aka wisdom officer, for me entails listening, embodying, and transforming Universal Intelligence. 

What differentiates me from many guides is that I don't have a recognizable modality (i.e., Reiki, Pranic, Sound). This is what makes it improvisational. It's a dynamic approach that is different every time. I am as surprised as my clients are as to what shows up. We all have to be game and trust whatever comes up. In general, I take the lead and move us through the experience. The majority of the energetic load of the work is also my responsibility. This allows the clients to let go of whatever is up and enables me to transmute the energy.

It has a theater aspect, which can be a show to watch. I listen, embody, and transform the energy that shows up. For example, I can sit, stand, or lie on the floor and physically embody the energy at play. It can look like I am an actress, taking on another soul's physicality, including their walk, talk, and cadence. Whatever is called upon at that moment, I- accept. I follow that acceptance of the energy until the session ends.

I am a conduit. That is indeed living in the moment. That is the new way of doing things and being in the Now + Action = Energetic Improv.