Universal Intelligence (tm)

Universal Intelligence (tm)

Universal Intelligence (tm)

My office space is located in Universal Intelligence. Wisdom officers, creatives, inventors & athletes all tap into this space. We all have access to Universal Intelligence's green room, but it takes practice, education, and a lot of self-awareness to operate in this conscious state. Tapping into it for aha moments, flow states, healing, and innovations are ways we can consciously do it. It's accessible by all, yet to be directed by it, to trust it thoroughly, and to follow takes mastery.

What is Universal Intelligence? Universal Intelligence is not a figment of the imagination, the result of some human longing for a universal force more significant than ourselves. In 1927, German physicist Werner discovered wave-particle duality. A scientific breakthrough where a subatomic atom could be both a fixed and moving point. Thus explaining why we can take a quantum leap and access the future and the past.

The physical domain, Newtonian physics, is the material world we can access with our five senses. It's the science most laypeople best understand- the principles of cause and effect.

The next level, or the Quantum domain, everything at this level is insubstantial, the world of energy and info soup. Your mind, thoughts, ego, and the part of you typically think of as your "self" are all part of the quantum domain. We know these things are real, even though we cannot touch or perceive them by the five senses.

Finally, there is a third domain that I refer to as Universal Intelligence, i.e., consciousness. Nature's most fundamental, basic level is not material; it is not even energy and info soup; it is pure potential. Quantum physicists refer to the U.I. plane as a place without space or time. The observer and interpreter initiate acasually interrelated movementsmeaning that one event is not the cause of another event. Yet, the behavior of one is immediately correlated or coordinated with the other. Think of flocks of birds flying or schools of fish. They are synchronized in their movements like they are dancing together. We can access this state ourselves; we often refer to it as flow. 

As a Wisdom Officer, I access Universal Intelligence, tap into the energy needed, download it, and transmute it. If all living cells have a cellular consciousness, we can tap into that cellular data to find flow- aiming for a highly correlated dance troupe.  Whether we need insight, resources, or solutions, opening ourselves back up to Universal Intelligence is an ethical and sustainable right.

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another.” Einstein