Micro Moon Cycle Tracking

Micro Moon Cycle Tracking

Micro Moon Cycle Tracking

Micro cycles of the moon divvy into practice. 

I believe in being in season, mood, food, and outlook-wise. As a woman, I am aware of and in tune with the moon's cycles. Thomas Jefferson studied the moon cycles to develop longitudinal lines. The farmer's almanac is based on the moon for planting and harvesting. 

What is new for me is breaking the cycle down into micro cycles. Have you ever heard anyone talk about the post-moon cycle? We talk a lot about the new moon and the full moon. This introspective cycle a week or so after the full moon is a pulling-back period of reflection. We feel a coming down after the party vibe. 

I decided to dive deeper with my guides into the micro cycles of the moon. I put together a calendar with time blocks around the different parts of the cycle with 5-7 day blocks of expectations. I broke them down into six sub-sections. 

Introspective cycle (post full moon)

Introspective; 1-5 five days after the full moon.  

It is an excellent time to reflect on the power and happenings. 

Day 5-7- spa, renewal, let go.

Wan & New Moon; Days 6-11 before the New Moon.

Time spent between reflection and thinking about what we want next, the next cycle's desires. 

Connect cycle (new moon)🌙 

New Moon: Connect; 1 day. 

We set intentions and dream of the new cycle. Imagine ourselves in the bubble of good fortune and Nature's arms. We imagine truth, divinity, and timing. 

Connect 1; Days 2- 6 after the New moon. 

We are creating building blocks for this month's theme and finding time to plant seeds, sow the earth, and tend the garden, finding fruition in intuition and finding God in the little ways of life.

Days 1-3. These are the best days to plant new ideas, imagine possibilities, and try new things.

Wax 2/Manifest; Days 7-13 before the Full Moon. 

We are powering up into this next phase. We get the drive & motivation to produce results. We find new ways of doing. We feel full of energy. We get into the business of things. We create, function, and empower on a larger level. 

Manifesting (full moon)🌕 

Full Moon: Manifest1day. 

Culmination point. A time to rehearse our applause. We get to celebrate and expand into this new point. Finding the edges of the Universe expanded. Our hearts and minds are exposed. Our fingertips are on fire. We can touch magic here. Meet God. The Creator is working through us at maximum capacity. 


For some, tracking the moon cycles is about manifesting dreams, focusing on goals, achieving awareness, and expanding the soul. For others, it's about being in flow, listening to our calling, hearing our names in the stars, and matching our energies to universal cycles. 

The moon cycle is just another way to tap into Universal Intelligence. Only some have their spidery senses developed to their full capabilities - so noting these cycles is one way to build awareness into practice. Being in tune with the moon, the universe, and the intelligence of nature's waves helps us understand the ebb and flow of life. It allows the lessons to come in waves and lays a groundwork to chart our pathway. 

I am leaving room for the mystery. We only know some things there is to know about the moon. It is always revealing more secrets of itself to us. Staying open, listening, and seeing how it relates to our lives, the collective consciousness, and beyond is ever a part of the journey.