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Training Grounds

Training grounds isn't what I had in mind this last month. But, its exactly what my guides had in mind for me.
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Trust in Divine

Clearing space to let the Divine take over for me. This month's theme was a lot of clean up to make room, for an easier way of living. One where I let my will take a backseat to purpose. Trusting more in my guides and letting go of perceived control.
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"Power comes in waves. This concept that power isn't a constant -that it has its time and place came through this month. Power comes in times of need. It isn't a faucet, and we shouldn't expect it. Or even desire that constant power. "
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Spirituality is about everything and how we handle it. The hard in anyone's life can shift as we grow and change. We learn one thing, and the next lesson is upon us.
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This month has been a complete trip. I had no idea what was in store. My guides showed me the WHY I left everything I loved and built in Bend, OR, and picked up to move to San Francisco.
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Trust in Faith

Trust in Faith: I feel like living most of the time, life is challenging us on some level. Trust in Faith, in that the process is divinely led, and we hold some crucial role in this play called life, is hard to fathom most of the time
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