Cass Redstone in the country.

A contemporary counsel for a new era.

The Landscape

A combination of spiritual counselor, coach, and advice columnist. Cass helps elevate our understanding, deepens our connection to spirit, and enlightens the path forward.

As a conduit of change, I create the passageway for you to find your guidance. Allowing you to open up, hear, and nudge you towards your unique path.

Spiritual Counseling

Cass is a medicine woman and spiritual counselor. Her story of awakening was an arduous one. Her hope for you is that she can help you understand and accept your mission with much more understanding and ease. We all have hard times. But, in these darkest moments, our souls get to do the actual work of our lives.

WHAT is spiritual counseling?

"I am a conduit."

Cass hold's a space with you that allows healing, innovation, and messages to enter. As a result, people often feel seen, accepted, and inspired. The sessions can be cathartic, empowering, and enlightening. Her process is to show up, follow the energy and trust.

HOW does it work?

Cass is not formulaic in her approach. She drops into presence and follows the energy. As a channel, she communicates messages from your guides. As a medium, she can hold a space for living souls or loved ones who have passed to enter in to give messages, support, and clarity. As a shaman - Cass can transform the energy that needs alignment to help smooth the waters.

"It's a mystery, and yet I trust we will be lead into greater healing and understanding, one step at a time together. "

WHY do this?

Cass is on a mission to help. She helps us to understand our place in the universe better.  A modern day mystic, Cass does her best to follow and trust in universal guidance.  It truly is a calling that cannot be denied, and a mystery to how it all works.

"I am a meaning maker. I remind people of their path, inspire them, create pathways, and stand by them."

Spiritual counseling can help with

  • Spiritual awakenings, energetic intelligence, integration.
  • Discovering your life's mission, lesson's, alignment, and purpose.
  • Guidance making major life decisions. 
  • Healing for loss, death, and injustice.
  • Energetic healing, transformation, re-birth, starting over.
  • Breaking through blocks or barriers.
  • Access to your guides messages. 
  • Communication with loved ones who have passed.

We all need help. If you need some support at this time, or are curious about all this. Feel free to contact me.


Cass spent twenty-five years as an entrepreneur. Cass brings business savvy, a visual marketing eye, and a keen sense that brings perspective to identify potential pitfalls. She also gives sage advice and helps individuals stay connected to themselves, their pathway, and next steps. She offers both business or life coaching and often seamlessly combines both.

"She can heal some part of me struggling with a relationship break up and, in the same conversation - give me solid business advice." 

Cass lights up our inner wisdom. She helps us hold the space to guide ourselves back into soul alignment. She is assisting people in accepting their unique blueprint. Cass helps us identify our life lessons, personal mission, and unique signals. She can guide, transform, heal, and help us all get back in the saddle.

In addition, she provides individual and group coaching. Coaching may be the right fit if you are just starting your business venture or making significant life change.

Coaching can help with...

  • Discovering your life's mission, lessons, alignment, and purpose.
  • Help making major life decisions.
  • Starting your own business venture.
  • Breaking through blocks or barriers.
  • Rebuilding, personal innovation, momentum.

Is this right for you

Cass is looking for whole-hearted seekers that want to elevate their life experiences. Humans that want to dig deep to distill their hearts & souls' desires, passions, and missions. It may be one mighty session, a series of sessions, or a lifelong relationship. Cass is here to help, and if you are ready, open, and willing, we can dive in. 

Cass can help outline the big picture of what fits into a true success mission here on earth.

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Cindy E.
Cass is such a sweet soul and I immediately felt comfortable working with her. She helped me to clear out my energy blockages and replace them with love and light...
Cindy E.
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