Cass Redstone in the country.

A counsel for a new era.

The Landscape

A combination of spiritual counselor, consultant, and candlelighter. Cass helps elevate our understanding, deepens our connection to spirit, and enlightens the path forward.

As a conduit of change, I create the passageway for individuals & organizations to find their unique path. Allowing all to open up, hear, and nudge us towards universal alignment.

Spiritual Counsel

Cass listens, embodies, and transmutes Universal Intelligence. Her story of awakening was an arduous one. Her hope for you is that she can help you understand and accept your mission with much more understanding and ease. We all have hard times. But, in these darkest moments, our souls get to do the most important work of our lives.

WHAT is spiritual counseling?

"I am a conduit."

Cass hold's a space with you that allows healing, innovation, and messages to enter. As a result, people often feel seen, accepted, and inspired. The sessions can be cathartic, empowering, and enlightening. Her process is to show up, follow the energy and trust.

HOW does it work?

Cass is not formulaic in her approach. She drops into presence and follows the energy. As a channel, she listens. As a medium, she embodies. As a conduit, Cass transforms energy into alignment.

"It's a mystery, and yet I trust we will be lead into greater healing and understanding, one step at a time together. "

WHY do this?

Cass is on a mission to help. She helps us to understand our place in the universe better.  A modern day mystic, Cass does her best to follow and trust in universal guidance.  It truly is a calling that cannot be denied, and a mystery to how it all works.

"I help remind people of their path, help create new pathways, and awaken their spirits."

Spiritual counseling can help with...

  • Spiritual awakenings, energetic intelligence, integration.
  • Guidance for major life decisions. 
  • Energetic healing, transformation, re-birth, starting over.
  • Breaking through blocks or barriers.
  • Access to guided messages. 
  • Communication with loved ones who have passed.

Is this right for you

Cass is looking for seekers & organizations that want to elevate their experiences. If you wish to help distill your mission, uplift your organization, or leave a legacy of good- Cass is here to help.

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Crista R.
I truly value the way she calls me in to work with her, whether by reading and attuning to my subtle cues, or calling my strengths into play with the way she guides the practice.
Crista R.
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