This month has been a complete trip. I had no idea what was in store. My guides showed me the WHY I left everything I loved and built in Bend, OR, and picked up to move to San Francisco. WHY have I had to travel incessantly all over the West Coast doing group and individual work? Why I have been doing my Sunday School Lessons on the first Sunday of the month.

In short, it is WISDOM. I aim to bring it back into how we do business in America. It's a big deal.

I am also nervous about doing it; I am everything about it.

Last month's Sunday school was all about Wisdom. So the perfect month to find out my "why".   The key takeaway from last month's Sunday school was accessing our Wisdom by paying attention to our dreams. I woke up this week watching myself dancing with my Mom. She has been in much pain lately and is finally doing better. So dancing has not been on the ticket for so long. We both love dancing. I took her out line dancing Friday, which was life-changing for her. She loved it! She kicked and screamed the whole time beforehand and then couldn't stop talking about it afterward. She wants to go every Friday.

Wisdom doesn't have to be this epiphany about how WE will save the world. It can come in the most straightforward packages. We can choose to follow or not. Knowing that is a gift from my guides, I can smile, take a little shit, and do it. Trusting I am on the right path and all will be well.

Accessing our Wisdom and finding our way is a massive part of life. One that can take a lifetime and beyond to master.

If you want help to access your Wisdom, I will start a class online for women only in the fall. Stay tuned.